Regina Birdsell

Regina, Regina, Regina…

How did this happen? We would have thought a former “high tech” recruiter would have thought to buythis URL but we all get forgetful sometimes…

Perhaps it’s because you were too preoccupied with cheating? Because that’s what voter suppression is, and you’re a big supporter of voter suppression. You’ve even sponsored bills that prevent everyone who livesin New Hampshire from being able to vote in New Hampshire. This deliberately creates confusion – and particularly affects college students, who tend to support Democrats.

Maybe you think they are somehow less American than you? Maybe you think they don’t deserve the most basic right a democracy affords?

Or maybe you’re just playing dirty. There is only one reason a politician plays dirty – and that’s because they know voters won’t buy what they’re selling otherwise. Do New Hampshire voters support legislation prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, orbarring antiquated “conversion therapy” ? They overwhelmingly do. Both bills passed with bipartisan support and were signed into law by Republican Governor Sununu. But you voted against them.

What’s a cynical politician to do when her backward-looking vision is shunned by voters? She tries to make sure those voters can’t vote , that’s what. And how does she justify that? Bingo. False claims of voter fraud .

Regina, you’ve made the panicky claim that 196 people who voted in New Hampshire also tried to vote in another state (how Joe McCarthy of you.)

You wanted to send police officers to people’s homes to see if they are eligible to vote but somehow you can’t produce any evidence of the 196 so-called fraudulent votes? You’ve even been subpoenaed , but still… no evidence. The League of Women Voters said show us the receipts but you had no receipts, Regina. And so you had to hide behind your political allies.


You say your claim is supported by the Crosscheck System, but that database is notoriously useless. One study showed that of the more than seven million voters who were "flagged" as potential duplicate voters, only four were charged and not a single one was convicted … Come on Regina, even you must admit your “voter fraud” claims are starting to sound like conspiracy-theorist nutbaggery .

You had seven million chances and your number didn’t come up once?

Seriously, though, why don’t you think you’ll win if you let every eligible voter vote?

We’ll wait.

While Regina pretends to look for voter fraud - let’s talk about her campaign finances - because unlike Regina Birdsell, we bring the receipts.

There are two things we’d like to say here but only the first one is serious: Regina Birdsell is a fundraising machine who has Ms. PacMan’d her way through the health insurance industry.

If you’re concerned about your health care rights being determined by the biggest hospitals, drug companies and insurance companies around -- you should know that Birdsell has taken almost $10,000 in contributions from the industry this year.

To see it for yourself, start here

And then under receiving registrant, type R-E-G-I-N-A ...

The second thing we noticed is that Senator Fiscal Responsibility directed her campaign to spend over $10,000 on consulting fees.

Some of it went to a firm called Liberty Strategies . But with in our hands not hers, we’ll take the “Liberty” of saying those “Strategies” were a FRAUD!